Social networking is for kids and college students, right? Wrong. Businesses large and small are using them to cash in.

So, how are businesses embracing online social media sites? Much like the mid-90’s when companies realized that a presence on the Internet was essential to business, social networking sites are being viewed as a necessity. Virtually exploding on the scene, these sites are offering businesses an opportunity to build a strong constituent of online brand loyalists that will present the company in a favorable light.

With Google being such a pervasive component of any kind of research these days, anyone seeking information about a company’s products and services will likely see a search result pertaining to an unsatisfied customer’s complaints. Unfortunate? Sure. But this is where a strong online following of brand fans becomes the silver bullet that slays bad publicity and protects a company’s reputation.

Sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn make it easier to reach an audience with a customized brand message, which is an important part of implementing unified corporate communication. And, after doing our due diligence here at Urban Geko, we couldn’t agree more. These new, growing outlets for networking and brand communication are far to powerful to be left untapped.

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