Over the years, just about everything has been called art. A whole litany of items could be listed, including garbage and Styrofoam. And although this isn’t the first time it’s been transformed into something more aesthetically pleasing, it is so unique it deserves having attention brought to it.

It’s worth mentioning that this is a good example of the difference between art and design. While it’s fantastically creative art, it doesn’t necessarily serve a purpose, making it art for art’s sake. It’s a piece that’s open to interpretation and each person who sees it could walk away with a different interpretation.

Design, on the other hand, while artistic, is serving a purpose and eliminating interpretation from the viewer’s experience. The purpose and message of a piece of graphic design should be apparent and should be interpreted the same way by everyone that sees it. Therein lies the challenge; how can information be preserved without becoming uninteresting? Well, practice and trial and error.

One of the great things about the web designers here in Newport Beach at Urban Geko, is that they have years of experience and have gotten the subtle art form down to a science. Maintaining the delicate blend between art and design can be tricky, but where’s the fun if there isn’t a challenge?graphic design orange countygraphic design los angelesgraphic design orange countygraphic design los angeles

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