Smart Advertisements that Make You Laugh

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Smart Advertisements that Make You Laugh

Smart Advertisements that Make You Laugh 450 532 Urban Geko

Smart Advertisements

We can’t seem to get enough of cleverly designed advertisements, particularly those that deliver messages with a keen sense of humor, or convey ideas in ways we never expected. These should make you chuckle…they did for us. For the mid-afternoon surfers, here’s something light to digest.

Volkswagon – Precision Parking

Pilates: “Carrying Too Much Weight?”

IBM – Smart Ideas for Smarter cities

AT&T – The Best Coverage of Any Carrier Worldwide

McDonalds – A Sandwich for Experts

Calgary Food Bank – Fresh Food Donations

Denver Water – Use Only What You Need

Street Smart – Give Cyclists Room to Ride

Ikea – Need Space?

STIHL – The Most Powerful Leaf Blower

Smart Car – Design is Nothing if it’s Not Smart

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