Tips for Writing an SEO Friendly Blog

how to write seo friendly article in orange county

Tips for Writing an SEO Friendly Blog

Tips for Writing an SEO Friendly Blog 800 537 Urban Geko Design

As a Los Angeles graphic company we handle a wide array of design projects that range from California graphic design to website design & development. A huge component of our website design involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which we implement for both our clients and our company. Writing a blog much like this one is an excellent way to improve your SEO on a daily basis. Silver Pistol’s book SEO Secret V2.1 provides extremely useful SEO friendly blogging information that I have happily summarized for you here:

1. Create Compelling Content

With the information overload people often experience when surfing the net, it’s important to write content that stands out from the rest. This can include showcasing a useful tool such as a design tutorial; explaining news that pertains to a particular industry that would have otherwise been overlooked; displaying research results; or giving away free stuff. Another method that I’m quite fond of, is to take existing articles that are either too long or difficult to skim and putting them in a more easily scannable format.

2. Keep Your Posts Long

The reason for this tip is that  search engines LOVE to see a lot of content. They probably make the assumption that length correlates with quality. While it may be instinctive for you to keep it short because you feel that most people don’t have the patience to read a long blog, keeping it long will benefit you in the long run. This is why as I mentioned earlier, it’s important to make your blog easily scannable with headlines, lists, bullets etc.

3. Make Sure Your Writing Voice Resonates with Your Target Audience

This goes for all writing done for design work: make sure you write in a style that speaks to your audience. If your blog is meant for teenagers between ages 13-18 it wouldn’t be a good idea to write in a stuffy, formal writing style. However, if your writing a news post for highly cognitive thinkers you may want to consider using more complex diction. As a Orange County web design firm we tend to write in a friendly, inviting tone that will allow our readers to relate to us.

4. Stay Up-to-Date

It’s important to know what’s out there so that you’re not writing outdated articles. This means you can follow news sources or industry specific blogs to keep up with what’s current. Twitter is also an excellent way to stay updated.

5. Include Internal Links

This is a great way to improve your SEO website design because you can redirect your readers to your own website. You can do this by finding out what key words are most identifiable for your site and including them in your blog. At Urban Geko, we try to make at least 5% of our content include SEO keywords.