Throughout my design studies in college the name “Saul Bass” always rang with a high level of regard and esteem. I first learned about him in my Meaning & Motion class which painted him as the “pioneer of title sequences.” It amazes me that brilliant opening credits for films such as Se7en and television shows like Desperate Housewives are relatively new design treatments. Before Saul Bass titles for movies were never animated or illustrated in a design-oriented manner; they were simply displayed on title cards like the ones you see in silent movies. He revolutionized the way title sequences start off by setting the tone for movies in a way that makes it more integrated into the theme of the movie itself rather than just a separate entity on its own. Bass did so with the 1955 American film The Man with the Golden Arm:

As multimedia designers, we at Urban Geko, are strongly influenced by pioneers such as Saul who have changed the way we view design today. Whenever I design an animation in Flash or AfterEffects, the images of Bass’s paper cut-out of a heroin addict’s arm combined with the magnificent inventive jazz score resonate in my mind. I highly suggest watching the entire movie as well; it stars Frank Sinatra who won Best Actor in a Leading role.

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