7 Tips for Improving Sales Presentations

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7 Tips for Improving Sales Presentations

7 Tips for Improving Sales Presentations 800 400 Urban Geko Design

When you’re working on a new sales presentation, don’t underestimate the importance of convincing potential clients that they should buy from you. A powerful, effective sales presentation is the key to gaining new customers and making more sales. Our Orange County powerpoint design team has come up with the following seven tips to learn how to focus on and improve your sales presentation techniques.

#1. Consider Your Audience

One of the least effective ways to approach potential clients is to use a standardized, generic sales presentation. If you’re using the same presentation on every client, chances are you need to re-think your strategy. Do as much research as possible on the company that you’re trying to make into a customer. What is their business model? How profitable are they? What other companies have they worked with in the past?

Ask yourself these questions as you prepare your presentation. Your answers will help guide you. If you are using slides, include graphics that explain in detail how your products are the best solution to any problems that the company may have. In this way, you’ll create the impression that the potential client needs your product in order to improve their company. This is more likely to convince potential customers than a bland, generic presentation that simply lists the features of your product.

#2. Make It Real

Okay, now you’ve done some research on your prospective customer and you know what they are looking for. What next? Now it’s important to think about how you can really bring your message home to your potential customers. They need to be able to see how your product will benefit them, not just hear about it. Consider bringing a prototype or sample of your product to your next sales presentation. Invite your potential customers to pass the product around and examine it. This will create a lasting impression and also convince your customers that you have a real, working product to sell them.

Next, consider giving a demonstration of your product’s capabilities. This will show your prospects that your product has a demonstrable ability to make their lives easier and solve their problems.

It will give them a real, tangible reason to purchase your product.

#3. Don’t Waste Time

You are very busy and so are your customers. Neither you nor your customers have the time to listen to a long-winded, drawn-out speech that takes too long to get to the point. Consider using a stopwatch or your smartphone to time your presentation. When you get to the main point of your presentation, stop the timer.

How long has it been? Ten minutes? Five minutes? That’s too long!

As an Orange County powerpoint design company, we believe ideally you should be getting to the main point of your argument within a couple of minutes. Don’t make the mistake of rushing through your presentation, though. Don’t try to cram everything into one overstuffed sentence. Start looking at your presentation as a whole and trimming out the unnecessary portions. Does one section contribute to your point or does it just take up space? If it’s slowing you down, cut it out. The sooner you can make a powerful point with your presentation, the better.

#4. Get Energized

Far too many sales presentations are dull and lacking in excitement. Don’t make this mistake! After all, you are going to convince a room full of potential customers that your product is a perfect match for them. That’s something to get excited about!

Practice performing your presentation in front of friends or co-workers. Alternatively, try recording your presentation and then listening to it. Does it sound energetic? Was your audience interested or falling asleep? If you’re not using enough energy, try focusing on ways that you can improve your energy level. Try moving around while you deliver your presentation and make sure you are well-rested. Try to engage with your audience rather than simply reciting lines from a script. If you can show that you are excited about your product, your audience will get excited as well.

#5. Make It An Experience

Just as many sales presentations are low on energy, many presentations are matter-of-fact recitations of talking points. Avoid this common mistake by treating your presentation like an experience. Look over your list of points and try to make each one in a new and exciting way. Don’t just read through the list. Pay attention to how you are delivering your message. Is your head up? Are you making hand gestures? Don’t be afraid to project your voice and appear passionate about your product. Your audience wants to connect with a human being, not a robot repeating a pre-recorded message. Do whatever you can to get your audience to pay attention to your message while being as passionate as you can.

#6. Make Use Of Visuals

If someone tells you a message, you may remember a few main points. However, if that same person tells you that same message but uses visual aids, hand gestures and written words, you’re far more likely to remember it. The same goes for your sales presentations. Use a KeyNote presentation or PowerPoint presentation as the baseline, then add in photo slides, animations, videos, write on a whiteboard and do whatever it takes to make your presentation memorable. Your audience will be more engaged if they have something visual to associate with your words.

#7. Convince Yourself First

Of course, the goal of a presentation is to convince prospective customers that they need your product. However, if you don’t believe in your product, neither will your audience. You’ve got to be convinced, motivated, excited and passionate. Before you can convince others of the value of your product, you’ve got to convince yourself first. Think carefully about your product. What does it mean to you? How do its features relate to your business goals? Use these questions to motivate you before giving your presentation. Once you are convinced that you have the best product on the market, it will be much easier to convince your audience.

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