Up the steps of a hidden corner of Hollywood & Highland, transparent posters of Rolling Stone Magazine covers plaster the walls. Iconic images of Britney Spears, Megan Fox, U2, and various other artists come together to form a collage of pop culture  that spans across time, generations and fads. Rolling Stone has not only shaped the way we view mainstream media, it has shaped the way in which we view the world. It has made wholesome celebrities racier, mellow music more lively and independent movies larger than life. As a Los Angeles graphic design firm, Urban Geko thrives on popular culture. But despite the fact that we often draw from mainstream themes, our designs are still geared towards creating timeless pieces of work through our clean, streamlined approach.

Starting yesterday, Rolling Stone made it’s iconic images and articles available to the public in the form of archives. But wait, there’s a catch. Readers will have to go through a “pay wall” that will cost them $3.95 for a single month and $29.99 for an entire year. The archive comprises every article written since 1967; now the public will be able to read about every article about Mick Jagger’s life, view every photograph of Madonna and reminiscence over every chick flick from the 1990’s.

This is a risky step for the magazine giant which claims to be, “taking control of [its] digital destiny,” in an arena where so many free entertainment and news sources are available online. However, with so many newspaper and print publications struggling since the advent of internet media, Rolling Stone could set a precedent for the survival of these once dominant mediums. As an Orange County Web Design firm, we understand that yes, the magazine could fail, but one must consider the consequences if they were to do nothing at all. In an ever changing business climate, adaptability is key for companies like Rolling Stone Magazine. Now the only question is: Are you willing to spend a few bucks to see it?

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