The iPhone and other smart phones have been steadily growing in popularity and growing even faster in functionality over the last few years. Software developers have been repurposing and redesigning their programs as mobile applications just as fast, and Adobe’s Photoshop has been one of the most popular as of recently.

As Orange County web designers, we’ve all been intimately familiar with Photoshop for years and seeing a version of it crop up on a different platform is definitely interesting. By creating a free account with Adobe, users can then take advantage of some of Photoshop’s great features without even turning on a computer. Images can be edited right on their mobile device and exported to their computer later.

Much of the design business involves moderate to heavy use of Photoshop to achieve the desired result for a client, but will free versions of the software be able to give people results that are “good enough” that they won’t turn to designers? It seems like a stretch to assume that may become the case, but just like certain skill sets have moved from the hands of the few into the hands of the many, it’s conceivable to think that more advanced photo editing may become easier, more accessible, and more desirable for the masses to learn. We think that an easier program, made available to more people, can never replace the unique skills and experiences of talented designers. The team at Urban Geko will always be honing their skills and coming up with new techniques that will continue to impress and inspire the industry.

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