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ecommerce website design orange county
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Orange County Ecommerce Website Design Solutions

We create engaging websites that build trust, likability, and connects with your customers.


We offer easy-to-use Payment Gateways, Shipping Carriers, Fulfillment Centers, Freight Carriers, Shopping Feeds, Product Feeds, Order Management Software, Dropshippers, Conversion Scripts, and Tracking Scripts.


Some of our many database services we include into our e-commerce websites are easy-to-use Product Importing Methods, Scheduled Order Export Methods, Order Import Methods, Scheduled Inventory Updates, and the use of Dropshippers.


We now focus on ensuring each ecommerce website we produce can be easily scalable and visible on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, or tablets. This is the next wave of the future.


Using a content management system such as WordPress as the platform for your e-commerce website can make it that much easier to have control of your business marketing efforts and inventory. Our Orange county Ecommerce website design team highly recommends using CMS.

We provide 100% Custom Layouts, Unique Design Elements, Reports, Various Product Options, and Automatic Emails to name a few.

Our Orange County ecommerce website design team focus’s on creating dynamically displayed product shots, straightforward online product catalogs, simple ecommerce shopping carts, intuitive navigation systems, and secure check-out processes.

Usability is everything when it comes to any successful e-commerce website. Our Orange County e-commerce website design team takes into consideration all factors of the business’s target audience and develops a effective website solution.

Here are some of the programming languages we use when creating an e-commerce website. The programming language really depends on the complexity and size of the website. They are basic HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, JQUERY, Java Applets, ASP Classic, ASP.NET, XML, and MS SQL Server.

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Orange County Ecommerce
Website Design

The design and layout of any ecommerce website can have a large impact on sales because it is important that the site makes a good impression and also have great usability for the customer. A well-designed e-commerce website will give the customer a pleasant experience, while making it easier for them to search, browse and carry out the checkout process.

Orange County Business Ecommerce

Urban Geko offers professional e-commerce design solutions that allow for turning your website visitors to customers. We will design and develop a strategic marketing plan on how to use your website as a effective selling tool. After reviewing your business goals, brand, strategy, and budget, we will create a customized solution for you that includes seamless payment methods, secure shopping carts, vivid product displays and clear transaction receipts. Our Orange County ecommerce website design team can help promote your website with social media to engage users, help increase conversion rates through careful planning, and find custom solutions to fit your budget. And all of this can be done a on CMS platform for your ease of use.

An award-winning e-commerce website includes a powerful, yet simple design, intuitive navigation, and secure check out processes.

E-Commerce Website Design

WordPress – Content Management System

Mobile Responsive Website

Product Galleries

Online Marketing

Database Integration

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Orange County WordPress
E-Commerce Websites

For the past 10 years, we have been creating sharp
e-commerce websites that not only look good but function well. With mobile responsiveness being on the rise, we also integrate our e-commerce sites onto easy to use platforms such as WordPress to allow for constant product updates, information changes, shipping changes or news feeds. Having your ecommerce website on WordPress allows for a stable platform, one in which not only gives the user a great seamless experience but also is SEO friendly to help find your business on search engines.

Small Business
E-Commerce Website Design in
Orange County

The bottom line is that you need to be found by search engines easily and have your website focused, sharp and easy to use for your audience. Small businesses in Orange County heavily rely on profitability streaming directly from their website. Today websites are easy for customers to buy goods quickly as they need them, and commerce sites are the solution to this. With hundreds of websites out there selling the same or similar products, you will want your website to be as engaging as possible. At Urban Geko we have over 10 years experience in providing powerful, simple, seamless
e-commerce websites.

Orange County
ECommerce Marketing

Having a great website up is only one part of the process. Any ecommerce business knows that in order to sell their products, they need to be easily found by search engines. This is where Urban Geko comes in. We build the website from the ground up, taking in all the factors that are important to each business model. This includes the target audience, their shopping habits, their preferences, their trigger response and such. Once we have determined these factors, our Orange County ecommerce website design team develop the website to address these. All of our websites are clean, simple and most importantly appeal to the targeted user.

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