Red Zone. High Endurance.

Do those names sound familiar to you? If so, chances are they’re not as recognizable to you as the utterly charming, horseback ridding, fantastically smelling spokesperson of Old Spice: Isaiah Mustafa. Even his name sounds intriguing. Last week, the Procter & Gamble company partnered with Mustafa and marketing agency Wieden + Kennedy to create a full-blown social media campaign with more than 186 videos- filmed and uploaded in real time. By embracing sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and 4Chan the Old Spice “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign became the very first to push the boundaries of internet marketing. The videos went viral with over 34 million viewers in less than a week by responding to Twitter questions and requests. The “Old Spice Guy” has made successful marriage proposals, answered celebrity questions and explained how to repel a stampede of scantily-clad female admirers.

Despite Old Spice’s success in reinvigorating the brand, however, the viral marketing campaign and Cannes Film Grand Prix award have not been enough to boost sales of the body wash. The advertising news service WARC has reported that sales of the product has fallen 7%. But why? With ads that begin with a deep, musky voice that says, “Hello, ladies,” it seems as though the ads are targeting women who will purchase the product for their mate. It could be, however, that girls expect their man to be a man and go buy it themselves which could explain the drop in sales. Whatever the case maybe, our firm hopes that the brand awareness the internet ads have created to infuse the seven decade year old brand with bravado and swagger outweigh the drop in sales.

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