If you are a person working in Orange or Los Angeles County- unless you are a very lucky individual- chances are you will sit in an average of two hours of traffic today. Maybe an hour and a half if you carpool, but even that is hard to achieve on a good day. In honor of Earth Day this coming Saturday, Urban Geko, your Orange County website design company, is delivering eco-friendly design news to your virtual doorstep. It is a reality in our modern society that freeways are becoming increasingly congested with the thousands of new cars purchased every year.

A new way of living, dubbed New Urbanism, was suggested by the Congress of New Urbanism in 1993. The mission statement being, “Giving people many choices for living an urban lifestyle in sustainable, convenient and enjoyable places, while providing the solutions to peak oil and climate change.” Its movement combines renewable energy, electric transportation and walkable urbanism into a eco-friendly solution to the highly polluted lifestyles we live today. Here are some of the major elements New Urbanism encompasses:

1. Inviting Community Center: A place that encourages social gatherings and is easily accessible via public transportation

2. Tightly Knit City Plans: The town should be organized in a way that makes most homes within a five-minute walk to work, grocery, parks etc.

3. Narrow Streets: Streets should be shaded by a row of trees; this slows traffic and creates an environmentally friendly atmosphere for pedestrians and bikers.

4. Hidden Parking Lots & Garages: Parking should be situated near the back end of buildings and accessible via alleyways.

5. Array of Homes: Apartments, houses, row-houses, the list goes on for housing types that will accommodate people from all walks of life.

These are just a few features of New Urbanism that are geared towards alleviating today’s social, economic, environmental and health costs. Our company was named after our clean, contemporary “Urban” California graphic design firm. We are also, however, extremely environmentally conscious with our designs and respect all living organisms on Earth- especially our “Geko.”

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