At Urban Geko, we like to look at our projects as a gestalt. A gestalt that combines the sum of all its parts into something greater. Parts including: the target audience our client is trying to reach; the goal our client has in mind for the project; the flash elements; the SEO components of the site; the design itself etc. We believe that by combining the elements contributed by our clients aspirations and our creative juices we come up with truly worthwhile, genuine design. Additionally, we believe that gestalt can be translated into all mediums of California graphic design, including dance!

The DVD of Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT recently became available on iTunes and Amazon as well as on Blu-Ray DVD. To commemorate this fantastic news my Mom of all people sent me this link to a youtube video of a Philippine Prison in Cebu performing Michael Jackson’s latest hit. I find this performance particularly impressive because where Michael’s production decided to use CGI, the prison actually used a large number of perfectly choreographed dancers.

Now, I’m not a seasoned ethnographer or anything, but I’ve always had this theory that Filipino people love Michael Jackson. Since most Filipinos I know (not including myself) are excellent dancers it was not a surprise to me that they emulate his dance moves, but I feel like their allegiance to him is something much stronger. How do I know this? Because I have evidence.

Exhibit A: My Dad

Every single time I visit his house in Vallejo, CA he cooks me dinner and we watch Michael Jackson’s 1992 Live from Bucharest Dangerous Tour. Now, this is a two-hour concert and I can truthfully say that I’ve seen the entire thing (including occasional replays of Thriller and Smooth Criminal)  at least 15 times. Regardless of the fact that this is the only DVD he has in his house, my dad idolizes Michael Jackson like nobody’s business.

During my last visit to his house, I had to pinch myself to keep from exploding with laughter when he started dancing to Smooth Criminal. The gravity-defying move in which MJ leans forward in unison which his dancers (one of which my Dad points out is Filipino every 5min) gets my Dad every time. “Did you see that? He’s so good, huh?” My dad tells with a huge grin on my face.

Even though Michael has passed away, he’s left a legacy that my Dad, prisoners in Cebu and Filipinos in general can dance to for decades to come. Rest in peace, Michael.

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