This morning as I was listening to NPR radio I was shocked to hear about the recall of 12 million cadmium tainted Shrek Forever After Glasses from the fast-food giant McDonalds. Unfortunately, back home, sitting in my kitchen cabinet is a Puss in Boots glass (not purchased by me, but I will admit that the Antonio Banderas voiced cat is undoubtedly my favorite character in the film). There is good news, however. McDonalds will be reimbursing consumers of the glass with $3– an extra buck on top of the original sale price of $1.99.

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The movie, which is the fourth and final installment of the Shrek series, raked in 72 million its opening weekend. It has worked closely with McDonalds promoting the movie with glasses, chicken McNuggets etc. Usually, a mutually beneficial relationship is formed when a children’s movie aligns its marketing forces with a fast food chain aimed at the same target market; however, in this case, the recall has negatively affected the image of both. The McDonalds website features a “Shrek Forever After Glassware Recall” page in an effort to maintain their brand image in which they answer a list of frequently asked questions.

One question they fail to answer in detail is What is Cadmium? The answer simply provides links to CDC and EPA government sites and highlights the fact that the glassware is not toxic. The U.S. Environmental Protection agency states that short term effects of cadmium involve the lung, namely pulmonary and bronchial irritation. The EPA site also says that long term effects can lead to, “kidney disease, including proteinuria, a decrease in glomerular filtration and increased frequency of kidney stone formation.”

I’m sad that the Shrek series is over, but I’m sure that any money they loose over the glassware fiasco will be made up in DVD sales. If you own one of the Shrek Forever After glasses be sure to get your $3 back today!

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