When the financial screws are being tightened, companies often look to where they can cut costs. On the other hand, some companies remember the saying, “you’ve got to spend money to make money” and look to where smart investments can be made.

Several large corporations have recently revamped their corporate image through a logo redesign to achieve different objectives. For instance, Kraft and Jack In The Box have moved away from logos that use capital letters to ones that use lower case, which convey a friendlier, less domineering feeling in the hopes that it will be more welcoming.

Pepsi and Walmart have also revisited their logos and given them a more casual, contemporary feel. Even though the brands are still easily recognized, they bring a fresh feeling of being connected to their target audience, which keeps them appealing, even in an economic slump.

Investing in your logo, especially if it’s established and well-recognized, is the type of move not many companies would consider. However, if the new look is conceived in strategic thinking and designed with the customer in mind, a fresh logo can call attention to the brand and drive sales even in a struggling economy.

At Urban Geko, we approach each logo design project with the same sound strategy and attention to the target audience, every time. Whether your business is brand new or is looking for a facelift, the brilliant design team at Urban Geko will skillfully craft a logo that looks sharp and gets results.

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