From alcohol to mobile devices, banks and movies ‘supergraphic’ signs advertise most of today’s most popular products and services. This will no longer be the case, however, for Hollywood, CA. Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council approved a motion made by council president, Eric Garcetti to permanently ban “supergraphics” in Hollywood.

The ban comes after a two year moratorium on supergraphic signs and “mounting concern in the Hollywood community” according to the Los Angeles Business Journal. As stated previously, the ban was instated to “provide reasonable protection to the visual environment” and ensure that the billboards do not “interfere with traffic safety or otherwise endanger public safety.” The permanent ban will include all new supergraphics, but not ones that have already been posted or approved.

The City Council had banned supergraphic signs citywide in 2002, but had made exception for certain sign districts, created specific plan areas and approved development agreements. In 2004, they created the ‘Hollywood Sign District’ which allowed new supergraphics in exchange for a reduced number of conventional billboards. The district was to maintain a supergraphic to conventional billboard square footage ratio of 2 to 1.

As a Los Angeles graphic design studio, we are always responsible and conscious about the environmental impact our designs will have. This is because as graphic designers we must not only consider the audience we are targeting with our messages, but also how they will be receiving those messages. For example, for a supergraphic sign, while it might be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching it might also be the cause of major car accidents if drivers become too distracted. Thankfully, we have a wide array of other design mediums we can use such as web page development and multimedia!

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