“Sadly in the next 18 minutes…4 Americans will die [because of] the food that they eat.” Jamie Oliver, Food Network’s Naked Chef, spoke at TED’s February Conference in Long Beach, CA. He began the conference, entitled Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food with startling remarks about our nations health. He went on to describe why obesity makes up 10% of our healthcare bills and how it will double in the next ten years if we don’t do anything about it. He ridiculed our perception of life threatening risks which does not consider obesity related diseases as serious a matter as things like murder and suicide.

Oliver identifies three main aspects of our lives that we need to change to improve not only our health, but that of our children. He outlines the problems in each of them and explains how we can solve it:

Many people who are overweight today come from families who have suffered from generations of obesity. This is because we were never taught how to eat properly. Oliver says there are not enough fresh food in our diet and the processed food that we often turn to when we’re pressed for time contains too much fat and sugar. One of his solutions proposes that the government work with supermarkets to have ambassadors who teach communities how to cook healthy food.

Children eat school lunches an average of 190 days of the year. Therefore, what they eat at school can have a huge impact on their diet despite what they might eat a home. Oliver states that we need to change regulations in schools such as categorizing french fries as vegetables or prohibiting the use of utensils which thus encourages the consumption of hand held fast foods.

Main St.
Oliver refers to Main Street as the food that we receive outside of school and home. This includes vending machines, fast food, restaurants etc. Portions are not only at a ridiculous size, but labeling at stores like groceries and local markets are deceiving. Often times processed food will boast that it’s “low fat,” but will contain obscene amounts of sugar.

Overall, every facet of our life needs to undergo a “Food Revolution” as Oliver puts it that will increase our lifespans, decrease the number of obesity related deaths and help our children excel with the aid of a healthier diet. As an Orange County Web Design firm, Urban Geko is not just here to create pretty pictures. We are a graphic design company that uses our medium of visual communication to effectively convey messages to the public. Whether it may be for a non-profit organization that is promoting eco-friendly practices or a mid-sized firm searching for client leads our design always serves a specific purpose. Oliver mentioned that labeling is a major issue with public health today; proper design can help to solve this problem. His very own Food Revolution television show uses multimedia and motion graphics to market his cause. Design can and will be a positive force to negate the crippling effects obesity has had in this country and Urban Geko is here as your premier Los Angeles website company to do it.

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