The answer may be “yes”, and you might not even realize it.

More specifically, a website that isn’t designed well or user-friendly could be losing potential clients before they know about the product or service you provide. Here are a few reasons your site might not be making the impact it could.

1. Your site has become a dusty, Internet relic- Generally speaking, users will revisit sites for two main reasons: the information on the site meets their needs, or the site is updated frequently and offers new content. If your site hasn’t been updated since it went live, chances are repeat visitors are few and far between. Unfortunately, websites don’t age like a fine wine. They need fresh and current content and design to attract visitors and generate business.

2. Your site has become an Internet trend depository- The latest colors, funky fonts, and random animations have all reared their heads at one time or another on websites everywhere. Just remember, just because they’re trendy and you can add them to your site, doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes, a back-to-basics approach is what will stand out among all the sites that are absorbed in what’s popular and trendy. Fads wear out, but clean, contemporary design will always be in style.

3. Your site has become cluttered and difficult to navigate- Even if you’ve stayed on the ball when it comes to updating your site, it’s possible that it has become cluttered and filled to the brim with an overload of information. Keep in mind that a website is only doing its job if visitors are reading and benefiting from its information. Your products and services may be the best, but visitors won’t find out if they don’t read what’s there. Content should be easy to find, relevant, and easy to read.

These are just 3 ways to make sure that your site has the impact it deserves and gets you the business you need. Modern, easy to read sites that don’t make use of every single trend out there have a much bigger chance for success in the long run. Keeping your site inviting and useful will help to achieve the entire purpose of a website; growing your business, increasing sales, and promoting awareness of your brand.

The web design team at Urban Geko have years of experience that give them the insight to see through the dozens of trends and Internet clutter to develop a site that works wonders for your business. By utilizing the strategic thinkers and out-of-the-box creative minds at Urban Geko, your website will have the substance it needs to get noticed and bring in business.

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