It appears that NBC may be in a bit of hot water. Fonts that were used to promote Saturday Night Live, The Jay Leno Show, and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon have been used without proper licensing, according to typographic design firm, Font Bureau.

Their claim is that NBC only paid them for a single license that means a font can be installed on only one computer. The fonts, along with others that no licenses were purchased for, were allegedly copied to other NBC computers, thus violating Font Bureau’s terms of use. In turn, Font Bureau is asking for no less than $2 million in damages.

As an Orange County graphic design company, fonts are a part of our daily lives. We find ourselves seeing magazines, menus, and billboards, shouting out font names as we read them, often at the expense of weird looks and embarrassment. Oh well. Many fonts out there are made by designers, for designers, and don’t require licensing as long as the typeface isn’t used for commercial purposes. Others are entirely free for everything. But as NBC seems to be finding out the hard way, some fonts (and their owners) have very specific usage terms. Whether it was an accident or not, it’s a $2 million matter of integrity that we feel is very important to keep intact.

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