You hear a rumble in the floor beneath you, the walls begin to shake. Glass shatters and books and pictures frames are thrown from the shelves. An earthquake has just struck- do you know what to do? As a Los Angeles website design company, we make a living visually communicating information effectively to a large audience of people. With the recent multitude of Earthquakes that have rattled the world both physically and emotionally, we would like to share with you vital information about what to do if you are ever caught in this natural disaster.

First, let’s review the Richter Magnitude Scale and what each level means to you (information courtesy of Wikipedia).

In the event of an actual earthquake, the State of California Department of Conservation recommends what to do in the following situations:

1. Indoors: Stay there. Get under or hold onto a desk or table or interior wall. Stay clear of glass, heavy furniture or appliances (kitchen).

2. Outdoors: Get into the open. Stay clear of buildings, power lines etc.

3. Driving: Move your car out of traffic and stop. Avoid parking under bridges, power lines, signs, bridges etc.

4. Mountain Area: Beware of landslides.

5. Ocean Area: Get to high ground, tsunamis can follow large earthquakes.

6. Crowded Public Area: Avoid panicking, don’t rush for the exit. Stay low and cover your head & neck with your hands and arms.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of earthquake categorization and effects you can also take the appropriate actions. Natural disasters are unpredictable and it’s important that you and those around you know what to do if and when it happens. As your Orange County Web Design firm we would like to utilize our blog to not only convey new trends in the design industry, but important, up-to-date information across all platforms of knowledge.

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