As a Los Angeles graphic design firm, our strong team of expert designers offers over fifteen years of combined experience. The Urban Geko studio consists not only of graphic artists, web developers, programmers and multimedia staff, but also animators and illustrators as well. Through our creative processes, we have found that sometimes the happy medium between utilizing the freedom of a pencil and paper versus the accuracy of a computer is using a tablet. The intuitive and ergonomic device is also much more eco-friendly than drawing through piles of paper; anything that can reduce our carbon footprint is definitely worth analyzing in the design profession. Here are some key factors you should consider when purchasing your very own perfect tablet:

Accuracy- Like a real pencil or pen, the pointer of a tablet should respond to the exact tilt, pressure and speed at which you draw. This will save you time as you directly translate your ideas onto a monitor. If you feel like you’re drawing in Microsoft Paint you have a problem.

Convenience- Anyone that has ever had a Dell Inspiron laptop knows that having a lightweight, portable device will lift a huge burden off you. This will not only enable you to draw where ever you choose- on top of your favorite hill, in a cafe, at your office- but also allow you to draw comfortably in any position you’d like. At Urban Geko, our LA graphic design company believes that sometimes putting your feet up helps the creative juices flow more smoothly.

Customizability- The main reason people usually purchase is a tablet is because they want to use a device that is far more ergonomic and accurate than a mouse. Therefore, whichever tablet you choose to buy should not force you to constantly switch between the two. There are a myriad of tablets available that come with additional controls that will expedite your design process: buttons, touch areas etc.

Size- While some people may believe that “bigger is always better,” this is not necessarily the case for a tablet. You should choose a device that feels comfortable with your drawing strokes and accurately mimics the size of your computer screen. A very large tablet might enable you to complete more precise drawings, but it could feel like you’ve given your forearm a thorough workout afterwords (which might not be a bad thing). Vice versa, on a small tablet any tiny stroke may create a huge line across your screen. It all depends on what is most comfortable for you.

Now that you have a better understanding of what to look for when buying a tablet, we wish you the best of luck in finding one that is uniquely yours! Spend wisely and research relentlessly until you find the perfect tablet just for you.

Note: Our key factors can always be applied to other purchases you may encounter: a pen, a car, a bow & arrow etc. Enjoy!

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