“As reported by the Nielsen Norman Group in its Email Newsletter Usability Report, the average reader skims a newsletter for 51 seconds.” – Smashing Magazine. Having to deal with users with such limited attention span, companies must design their newsletters in a way that sends their message out quickly and efficiently. We, at Urban Geko, often have to create e-blasts and newsletters for companies that send them out to very busy clients. In this case we must not only consider how we want their clients to feel and what information we want them to extract from it, but also how they can obtain that information quickly. Chui Chui Tan’s article Email Newsletter Design: Guidelines And Examples explains how to do exactly that.

Your website design company Orange County put together a quick list for your convenience:

1. Tell users what they will get

2. Preview your newsletter

3. Keep questions short & simple

4. Write an attractive subject line

5. Provide useful & well-written content

6. Make content relevant to your readers

7. Offer exclusive deals

8. Keep it simple and straightforward

9. Make good use of images, numbers and colors

10. Tailor the layout to the content

11. Be creative!

12. Be wary of table content

13. Be wary of ads

For more information on newsletters visit Smashing Magazine’s Design and Build Email Newsletters Without Losing Your Mind (and Soul). Enjoy!

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