Our entire society has been slowly moving away from paper for some time now. First with the proliferation of e-mail, now e-books, and the availability of nearly anything on the Internet. So many people do online research before they purchase anything that product brochures are becoming more and more popular as PDF’s. The question is this: will the day come where the entire world has gone paperless?

Sure, there are going to be purists (ourselves included) who’ll have a difficult time giving up the wonderful tactile sensations that come from thick card stock,embossing, and raised ink. But that may end up going the way of the horse and carriage. Some may say that there’s nothing like riding a horse to get from point A to point B, but in today’s world, there isn’t any room for equines among our millions of automobiles.

Will there come a day when each and every piece of designed material that we produce today will be exclusively digital? Business cards, letterhead, brochures, catalogs, posters, banners, you name it. Realistically, each of those could exist paperless today and many of them do. On the other side, is a completely digital and paperless design realm a brave, new world with unlimited possibility?

Perhaps. Printed design is static while digital media can be dynamic. A printed piece will inevitably end up being tossed away while digital media can simply be erased. Each outlet definitely has its strong and weak points, and we’re not choosing sides (not really, at least), but as forward thinking members of an ever-changing industry, we need to admit that the possibility exists. And if we ever get there, we’ll push those boundaries, too.

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