Getting a look at how iconic logos are designed is always interesting for us as designers. One logo in particular is seen by untold millions of people every day and very few people probably know just how many iterations it went through before it arrived in its current form. As simple and straightforward as it is, there is a surprising amount of symbolism and meaning in the logo.

Just like logo design is done here in Newport Beach, the design team for Google explored many different directions before arriving at a look that conveyed the right meaning and was appealing to everyone who would be using the search engine. A search engine is a search engine, right? Not to the folks at Google. They’re different, funky, and completely non-corporate and their logo needed to reflect that.

Here’s a look at a few of the options that were considered before the now instantly recognizable image was established. It’s interesting to think about how Google’s success may have been affected if any of the other designs had been arrived upon as the final, approved art. On the other hand, do you think that Google’s logo has as much to do with people’s perception of the brand as the service they provide? Or would people ignore their service if the logo were no good?

With something as huge as Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Nike, it’s difficult to tell exactly how much their logo has to do with their success. As designers, we like to think that it was a good job done by the designers of the logo that launched these companies into their stratospheric level of success.Logo DesignLogo DesignLogo DesignLogo DesignOfficial logo

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