Too many web design companies California claim that they have professionals working on your site. For those who have been in the internet business, discerning whether a site is made by a professional or an amateur is much easier. Unfortunately, if you are a newbie, this can be a huge task.

For me, one obvious giveaway that a site was made by an amateur is when all of the text on the site is centered. For some reason, people think that having the text on the center is the way to go. Today, there are a lot of automated web design tools but these work as templates and will have several limitations.

Professional web design is composed of four elements – contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity (that’s why they call it designing with CRAP). The use of contrast makes various elements of the page stand out from each other. Dark text on a light background is usually used. Bold or italicized text is also used.

Repeating similar elements together lets the viewer know that they belong together. Pages of the same site usually have the same heading – this lets you know that you haven’t left the site. Another example is when the navigation panel is always on the same side of the page.

Alignment, just like repetition lets you know that elements of the website belong together. It also has a soothing effect to the reader as it shows organization and order.

Lastly, but nonetheless as important – proximity means placing elements that belong together near each other while those which differ are far apart. These are visual clues which give you clues that a website was made by a professional. Before you decide to hire a company which offers great web design in California, check out their portfolio and see if the CRAP elements are there.

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