One sure fire way to catch a reader’s attention is by using animation. Adding it to a webpage is fairly easy as long as you know how to work the software which are used to create it. At present, there are two most common ways you can add animation to your site – frame based animation and Flash.

The oldest form of animation is GIF. It is also considered as the most common format of graphics on the web. Animated GIFs are like traditional animation wherein each frame is a part of a sequence. Each frame does nothing on its own but the animation starts when it is played. Frame based animation can also be used for different graphic formats such as PNG (portable network graphics) and MNG (multi image network graphics. The great thing about these other formats is that they support more colors than GIF. Frame based animation is fairly easy and you won’t need to purchase expensive software to do it. On the downside, more complex animations will eat up disk space and you can’t add sound effects.

Flash is becoming a popular animation format because of its capability to produce beautiful, rich content using your own images. Aside from these, it also allows amazing sound effects to be added. Its best selling point is that all animation look the same, no matter what kind of system or browser you use.

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