Why do your clients use your company? What keeps them coming back?

Because an industry leader? Because you offer your service at the lowest price? What keeps them from taking business elsewhwere? These are all questions that should be very important to any business-minded individual interested in staying afloat in trying times.

Hopefully, one of the answers was, “because we do business with the integrity of our company in mind”. Today, more than ever, people want to do business with companies they trust. Regardless of industry standing, price, and especially geographic location, companies take their business to those who they feel will treat them honestly and truthfully.

Most analysts will say that one of the major components that lead to the current state of the economy was an overall lack of confidence. A few dishonest corporations that spent government bailout funds unethically betrayed the trust of the American public. Many people now feel that businesses employ old tricks, smoke, and mirrors to get what they want; not necessarily business, but money. Right now, being able to offer clients piece of mind that you will conduct yourself and your business ethically, and hold the company to high standard of integrity is just as important as providing the best price.

Not sold on the idea of giving clients the “warm, fuzzy feeling”? Besides making your clients comfortable knowing you’re trustworthy, showing that you have integrity creates accountability. With employees, leading by example and setting the moral bar high is important. If a company prides itself on having high ethical standards, employees know that they will have to answer for their actions, likely dissuading any immoral behavior that could hurt business.

Although a company’s reputation does not rest entirely on integrity, it’s an important character trait that’s difficult to ignore. Unfortunately, integrity is not something that can be picked up and thrown into the mix overnight if it’s lacking. It’s the sort of virtue that should be ingrained in the very fiber of the business and its employees. A company must do everything in its power to gain and keep the trust of its customers, honor its commitments, and meet its obligations. Show your clients that you remember the Golden Rule, and you’ll reap its benefits. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”.

At Urban Geko, we agree and believe that along with value, comes success. We strive to let our level of integrity, honesty, and good ethics be reflected in the caliber of work we provide to our customers and clients.

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