Computing in the art and design industry has been responsible for massive advancement and has made the lives of designers, publishers, and printers, just to name a few. It’s made it so easy, in fact, that some could claim that it’s made designers and artists lazy, relying too heavily on the capabilities of the design program rather than their own skills.

That definitely isn’t the case with these web designs. The designers for these sites have opted to favor paper, ink, paint and brushes rather than their keyboards and mouses. And with some rather impressive results, we might add. Getting back to some more traditional design methods has yielded a new look that breathes life and a more human element into web design. Compared to something hand-drawn, computer-designed sites, in some cases, can have a clunky, unimaginative feel.

Fortunately, there is such a thing as design that is too organic. Designing digitally definitely has its advantages in that clean, precise details can be controlled easier on screen than they can with a spray paint. Using loose, hand-worked elements in web design is certainly an interesting way to approach a site and can produce some fantastic out-of-the-box results, but just like any design fad, we think that ultimately, more contemporary methods will prevail and keep moving the industry forward.web design los angelesweb design los angelesweb design orange countyweb design orange county

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