Today we’re going to talk about other basic principles of design such as graphics and layout. If you love using them on your site, then you ought to know these simple tips to avoid annoyance of your readers.

Graphics should not be larger than 12 kb since bigger graphics can make the page pull up slowly, yes, even when you are running a T1 line. Slow pages is one of the ways you can lose a potential client. Aside from this, you should also use graphics that fit the content. So if you are talking about colon cleansing, don’t put up a picture of your dog, unless it has a connection with the text.

What kind of fonts are you going to use? It is best to stick with serif for headlines and sans serif for text. Sans serif fonts are easier to read on computer screens.

I know there are so many fancy fonts you can download today but you will need to limit the number of fonts used on a site. if you keep changing their design are amateurs so try using 2 or 3 standard font families which are easy to read and looks professional. Some standard fonts you can use are Verdana, Arial and Helvetica.

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