Google Rewarding Mobile Friendly Websites in 2015

Google Rewarding Mobile Friendly Websites in 2015

Google Rewarding Mobile Friendly Websites in 2015 150 150 adminxs

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Do You Want Favor From Google in 2015?
Google is Rewarding Mobile Responsive Websites

With 2015 now here, over 70% of all online users are accessing websites directly from their mobile devices. People are constantly on the go or pressed for time, and as a result they now do their online searches on smartphones or tablets.

In direct response to this, many companies have recently moved their sites over onto mobile friendly platforms to become more user-friendly. However not all have, and it is still extremely frustrating for users to come across websites that aren’t mobile compatible. Having to constantly scroll horizontally or zoom in to view content, the majority of viewers will skip the website all together and move on to another site that’s easier to use. With the recent update by Google showing which websites are mobile friendly in their search results, it is imperative that companies switch over to a mobile responsive design platform, or consequently lose potential customers.

So What Changed?

Google now showcases search results with a “mobile-friendly” label on qualifying sites to help viewers easily locate websites that are compatible with tags that look like this:
mobile responsive website design

How does Google reward websites with the new mobile label?

Once your website is on a mobile responsive platform, Google will automatically add a “mobile-friendly” label beside your company in the mobile search results. This will give you a heads up over your competition, as they will prefer to go to your company rather than a website that doesn’t work. In order for your website to pass as “mobile-friendly,” your site needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Content must adjust properly to fit within the user’s screen (no scrolling needed)
  • Text is easy to read as is, without the need to zoom in/out
  • Links on pages have adequate spacing so that users can easily select the correct link


Google has mentioned that this “mobile-friendly” label will be implemented globally over the next couple of months – will your website support the Googlebot’s test?


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