Funky T-shirt Designs to Spark Your Imagination

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Funky T-shirt Designs to Spark Your Imagination

Funky T-shirt Designs to Spark Your Imagination 800 400 Urban Geko

Way back in 2005 when I was a freshman in college, I bumped into a dorm mate of mine named Scott. He was a husky young man who towered an entire head length above me (I’m 5’7″- so he was pretty tall in my opinion). What I remember about Scott the most, however, was not his tousled hair or faded jeans but his bright red shirt of a panda swatting down tanks and airplanes as if it were some Godzilla monster.

I later learned that this shirt, entitled “Pandamonium” was from an extremely popular site called where users could submit their designs and rate others as well. I met several freshman guys that year who sported the same quirky designs which all caught my eye. Pretty amazing I must say- the ability to see your design come to life without all the painstaking work of having to go through the treacherous screen printing process. Check out more awesome designs here at

Find more funky t-shirts at Bit Rebels and 2ExpertsDesign. And while you’re at it try submitting a design of your own.