A website refresh may be all it takes to drive in untold amounts of new business. Here are some of the main reasons websites get revitalized.

Outdated design- Has the site been up and unchanged since 1997? Odds are, if it has, visitors can see that and move on thinking that the company hasn’t stayed with the times. Fresh, modern design communicates the idea that the business is up-to-date and ready to compete in today’s modern, global marketplace.

Difficulty of navigation- Often going hand-in-hand with outdated design, is less than intuitive navigation. This could be several things ranging from a complicated menu system to dead links. When it comes to on-site navigation, simplicity is key. If your customers can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll go somewhere else. Once a visitor has made it to your site, aspects like simple navigation will help keep them there.

The site isn’t well-suited to the business- If your business sells some kind of product but the website has no way for customers to purchase the product, there may be a lost opportunity. The goal of any website should be to offer potential clients and customers your products or services easily and effectively. Whether e-commerce or purely informational, a website should deliver your product to the customer.

Keeping your website design and functionality up-to-date and in step with your client base can only pay dividends in the future. Great web design will keep your company at the front of your client’s minds and help drive business. The web design and development team at Urban Geko can transform an aging site into a we presence that attracts clients and makes it easy for them to find just what they need. Our experienced staff have the technological knowhow and and an eye for design that will take your website to a new level.

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