Have you heard about the article written by Mark Daoust entitled The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites? According to this article, ugly websites sell more that there attractive counterparts but I disagree with his claims.

While unattractive websites can be successful, my belief is that the more attractive ones can outperform them easily. The article cited the case of Plenty of Fish, a dating website which is also running AdSense. Other examples included eBay, Craiglist, IMDB and even Google. Although all these sites are not aesthetically appealing, they are not truly ugly.

Why do I say so? Well, let’s look at the case of Google, Craiglist, eBay and IMDB for the meantime. While these sites are plain, they have functionality which is lacking in other sites. When we do a search in Google, it returns thousand of results. If want to buy and sell something, the interface to do that in eBay is simple. Craig list also allows you to post unlimited number of classified ads. Although these sites lack the color which can be seen on other sites, they have certainly made up for it by being useful.

Also, another claim made by the site is that ugly websites convey trust. Through an amateurish design, customers will have an idea that a business is being run by a family; hence they are less likely to get scammed. Unfortunately this is not true. Ugly sites means that the owners cannot be bothered to invest atleast $100 for their venture, and this can also mean that they do not care about their clients.

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