Working for an Orange County graphic design company, very few visual effects cease to amaze me. Our team of design professionals constantly refreshes their knowledge of the latest trends in the industry to provide you with timeless, effective pieces of work. However, Disneyland is the one exception that seems to stand out from the cornucopia of visual masterpieces I’ve seen over the years.

On June 11, 2010 Disney’s California Adventure Park is set to premier their highly anticipated World of Color water show. Created by Walt Disney Creative Entertainment the show will boast over 1200 fountains, lasers, lights, fire and high-definition projects of the cartoon characters you know and love.

This past Friday, I had the most fortunate pleasure of catching a very short sneak peak of the beginning of the show. A private party was being thrown for the creators of the water spectacular which included speeches, photographs and a preview of what will soon be viewed by the public. As an annual pass holder, for so long I’ve stared at the small metallic devices scattered along the water in front of the ferris wheel wondering what they were going to be. Finally I saw them in action: water sprouted out vertically to create an undulating motion while a flowing rainbow of color projected onto it. While this was probably only 1/10 of the actual show, the experience of watching it still reignited within me the magic and awe Disneyland never fails to convey. Here are a few mock-ups of a more complete depiction of the show from Disney’s website:

In the past couple of years, our LA graphic design firm has watched as Disneyland’s California Adventures reinforce their brand identity to be more centralized around Mickey Mouse. The Orange Stinger was recently redesigned as Silly Symphony Swings in which the old Disney orchestra players are caught in a storm complete with thunder, lightening a whole lot of wind. Mickey’s Fun Wheel, the towering ferris wheel at the center of the park, now also features a giant Mickey head which replaced a giant sun. Everything about the Disney brand demonstrates an unparalleled consistency that makes visiting the parks feel like you’re experiencing a narrative environment. Even the smallest lollipop shaped like a mickey head can be identified with their branding. We, at Urban Geko, look forward to experiencing the show this Friday, and hope that you will do the same!

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