Building Your 2018 Digital Marketing Budget

building a digital marketing budget in orange county

Building Your 2018 Digital Marketing Budget

Building Your 2018 Digital Marketing Budget 800 400 Urban Geko

Say goodbye to the old budgeting of 2017 and hello to the 2018 ways to rework your budget. Several changes have been made to Search Engine Optimization this year, and there are many more changes to come. So how do you keep up with the changes and know where to use your budget? That last question is the reason for this guide. It was created to help marketers and business owners understand all these changes to SEO that have happened recently. By following the ideas in this guide, you will more easily be able to work the changes to SEO into your 2018 marketing budget.

What Type of Web Content to Create

‘Out with the old and in with then new’ can be your motto for 2018. Eliminate the ideas and aspects that didn’t work last year for your site, and use your budget for some of the newest trends in web content.

Stand out and Be Original

It’s no secret that individuals are consistently creating and adding new content to their sites in order to reach their target audience, and keep it fresh instead of old and out of date. Staying up on the latest news and trends is something you should always keep in mind when trying to stay up to date and know what the general audience is looking for.

You also want to take into consideration what you want your brand to stand for, its story, and what your followers will connect with. Then spend your funding accordingly. If they want videos instead of a bunch of text, give them videos and less text. Think about the quality of your content, is there a lot of it that doesn’t connect with your users? Then, out with the old and in with the new! Increase the quality of your content, and eliminate the “fluff”. It may cost more money, but it’s better than a bunch of junk flying around on your pages.

Video Content

It feels like everyone has uploaded a video on YouTube and added one or many to their website and pages. We find more and more video content on websites when we’re searching the internet. The reason for this is because video has grown and matured year after year for over a decade, and statistics show that more than 80% of content will be video by 2021. In order to reach your target audience and beyond, be certain to spend some of your budget on video content for your brand and site.


In a perfect world, the dream is to have content that is so remarkable that viewers can’t help but share it with everyone. Sadly, it rarely works out that way, but striving for it is still a goal to keep in mind.  In order for this ‘perfect world’ idea to come to life, you must invest and distribute some of your budget to promotion, advertising, influencers, and maybe even a press release or two.

Mobile Friendly

The last thing on the list applies to all content – it must be mobile-friendly! We all know how prevalent mobile devices are nowadays. Just targeting desktop users is a thing of the past and can lessen your success tremendously. Being mobile ready is a must in order to give your brand the success it needs to stay on top.

Targeting the Right Audience

When planning your campaign strategy, be sure to take all of the following tips into consideration when deciding on your target audience. Let them lead you in the right direction in knowing where to invest your current budget.

Voice Text and Search Attention

Many people use talk and text voice to search for products or websites now. This search concept multiplied between 2008 and 2016 as people found it more convenient, faster, and easier.  Be sure to consider voice search and its complexity when working with your budget. For optimal results, try using long-tailed keywords and text fragments in your content.

Understanding your Potential Audience

Audiences nowadays are looking for a more personalized experience, so putting some of your budget aside for market research will give you an advantage over other brands. Listen to what people want and take notice of the type of content your users are searching for. The ability to interview or speak with some of your audience can also be a huge advantage for your brand. Be consistent and engage with your followers and customers frequently so that you can keep up to date on all of the new concepts in the market today.

Localized idealizations

Local searching is becoming even more important for the businesses that follow suit. Provided that your business is more localized, using standard SEO should allow you to build a much stronger foundation for your brand. Be sure to keep a little money aside for local reviews and tactics that are of local interest.

Building Links

Link building is a must for your brand and company because of the effects it has on SEO rankings.  If you don’t use a manual link building campaign, you won’t be able to build up your brand or authority. Instead, you’ll be stuck relying on your readers to share or build your links. Therefore, a significant amount of your budget will be needed for link building. Strive to get noticed and linked on some high-authority websites every month.

Quality over Quantity

Whether you are a small business or a large business, you need to be prepared to spend at least a couple thousand dollars a month on your brand and its notability. The biggest thing you should remember is if you spend, let’s say, $1500 on low quality content that doesn’t connect with your audience, you’ve just thrown your money down the proverbial drain. Higher quality, standout content as compared to a lot of useless, cheap content will get your brand recognized and make your money worthwhile. By presenting your audience with high quality content, even if there is less, it will work more in your favor by giving your brand a stronger foundation to stand on. Less is More.

When you are outlining your budget, be sure you are spending the resources on talent that can get you results quickly and professionally. By hiring the best, your brand can dress to impress and stomp out the competition! Consider Urban Geko Orange County Website Design for your marketing needs, such as web design, graphic design, and branding. Give us a call at (949) 200-6910 or contact us below.