According to designer Rob Janoff, 1977 was an interesting year. Interesting because that was the year that he was handed an assignment that arguably altered the course of modern technological history. It’s the year that the Apple logo was created as a pro bono assignment.

Janoff’s boss at the time in Palo Alto, California, was a friend of a local computer geek by the name of Steve Jobs, who was looking for a new logo for his startup company. Given the task of designing a logo, Janoff set out by staring at a sliced up apple until the now iconic bitten-out apple appeared. Starting out as a single color logo, Jobs mentioned that he liked it, but wanted more color, while Janoff’s boss insisted on staying with a single color to cut down on printing costs.

Insisting that color would humanize the company in the eyes of those who saw the logo, Janoff added color and the original striped Apple logo was born. According to Janoff, there were even those who thought that the new company would fail if the colorful logo were adopted. Now, it would seem as if those people are eating crow. As for Janoff, he says that for his efforts, not even a holiday card gets sent his way. At Urban Geko, we think it’s important to keep those in mind who so graciously help you out along your way. Maybe this is the year that a holiday card arrives with some stock options for Rob’s hard work back in 1977.

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