Insight Into a Designers Mind

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Insight Into a Designers Mind

Insight Into a Designers Mind 800 400 Urban Geko

When you begin a project, the opportunities seem endless. As designers, we design with a purpose. That purpose is to solve a problem through design. We look at the problem and fill our pages with color, shapes, type, and even images trying to come up with something that will speak the viewer. We don’t just design; we transform ideas into visual masterpieces for the world to enjoy.

Where do we start? Every design must start with some sort of inspiration. If there is no inspiration, a designer can stare at a black screen for hours. Designers are constantly trying to find inspiration, as it is very important in every project. Inspiration can be found anywhere and in anything. Inspiration can come from a photograph, drawing, music, a vacation, food, sleeping, plants, and even shapes. No matter where the inspiration comes from, the outcome of the design can be breathtaking. Once designers have some sort of inspiration for their project, the design can begin.

Each graphic designer is different and works in their own way, and that’s what makes designers so unique. There is not a “correct” way to work, as some designers work best with noise around them and some work better in silence, some begin by drawing out their ideas, some go straight to the computer, and some even talk out loud to themselves, or talk to others around them.  No matter how a designer strategizes or begins their work, the creativity of a designer seems limitless. Thoughts of which colors to use, where is whitespace needed, which typeface is best, where shapes or object should be placed, and much more are constantly going through a designers mind while they work. Once designer’s come up with what they feel is appropriate for the world to see, they go looking for feedback.

Every graphic designer knows that once they share their ideas of the concepts they came up with other people, the critiquing begins. Depending on the feedback received, this process can be draining or exciting. Sometimes designers will agree with the comments and adjust their piece, and sometimes they do not. A designer knows that the work can go on forever on a project, as there can always be something to change. The real question we ask is, does this piece solve the problem we were trying to solve? If yes, then the design is successful, if no, then it’s back to the drawing board.

As a graphic design firm, we are constantly thinking about design, and what we can come up with next. We are inspired by the world around us. We look for ways to make an ordinary design, great. We are problem solvers, just in a creative way.