eHow: How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottle

eHow: How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottle

eHow: How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottle 800 524 Urban Geko Design

What I’m currently wearing: Evelyn Rose Eau de Parfum.

In one of my first blogs I filled out a questionnaire about myself and one of the questions was: If you could design any 3-dimensional product what would it be? My answer: a perfume bottle. I feel as though they are one of the most intricately designed pieces available today and they obviously appeal to me since I am a woman.

We at Urban Geko, appreciate all forms of design and are constantly updating our knowledge on the newest design trends across the board. This way we can draw upon a great breadth of knowledge and therefore provide you with the most streamlined, modern pieces we can.

I discovered this article on eHow: How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottles and found that it’s a simple, easy way to bottle up your favorite fragrance! Here is the list along with some of my own tips:

1. Come Up with a Name for Your Perfume

The name should be a strong indicator of the scent & feel of the perfume. Do you want people to feel like the perfume will satisfy their wildest dreams’s like Britney’s Circus Fantasy or would you like them to feel elite, sophisticated and sexy like Chanel No. 5? The design of the bottle and fragrance itself all need to tie in with the name- so choose wisely!

2. Think About the Color of the Bottle

Depending on whether the actual liquid itself is clear, you need to consider if you want a clear bottle to showcase it or if you’d like a colored one to change its identity.

3. Decide What Type of Bottle You Need

A standard rectangle or cylindrical bottle might be handy if you have an intricate surface design, but you might also want to consider various other shapes available such as a pear drop or pyramid that stand out.

4. Choose the Closure or Cap

When considering this option, first think about how the user will go about applying the perfume. Is it a spray? Does it roll on? Does it need a pump? One of my favorite and most creative perfume bottles I’ve seen is Marc Jacob’s Daisy.

5. Determine the Labeling

Would you want the bottle to be engraved? Or have a sticker wrapped around it? Remember, it all needs to tie in with how you want people to feel when they smell your perfume! Let your unique personality shine and create a brand that sets you apart. We believe being “good” is not good enough — we aim to create extraordinary brands.

6. See What’s Out There

When creating something that is already abundantly designed, it’s important to make sure you’re not just copying an existing perfume bottle out there. You can use other bottles, however, to inspire you and draw upon ideas you wouldn’t have normally thought of yourself.

7. Get Input from Friends

Use their feedback to redesign your bottle. And of course once you’re done, start smelling great!

At Urban Geko, we see a design in everything and we believe you should too!