The Design Of Wine

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The Design Of Wine

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Recently wine bottles have become a medium of choice for Orange County graphic designers. Whether they’re taking label design out of the box, or putting the wine into a box (literally), the days of plain, rectangular labels seem to be over. With more regions around the world producing better and better wine, the marketplace is becoming more and more crowded. And you know what that means: people want to stand out. And what’s the best way to stand out? You guessed it. Great design.

People shopping for a bottle of wine nowadays aren’t necessarily looking for a particular vintage, or region, but they’re more likely picking up what grabs their attention. Most likely something that’s not a typical white label in the middle of the bottle. In fact, labels are showing up in very different places on the bottle, and in some cases, not at all. Labels can easily be substituted for screen-printing that can turn the entire bottle into a glassy, green canvas.

There are so many creative wine labels and packaging, in fact, that we would wager to say that there’s a renaissance in full bloom within the industry. We’d love to see more industries adopt a similar acceptance for out of the box (or in the box) packaging design. Keeping ideas fresh and offering new perspectives is always appealing to us.