27 countries, 23 official languages and a mound of work the size of the Matterhorn. That’s basically the scope of work that the European Parliament has sent out to the design industry. They’re looking to hire a communications/design company to produce a wide range of public relations and marketing items over the next 4 or so years.

Just like any other entity, the EU needs to promote itself and it’s values. We presume that the EU is likely more interested in affecting public opinion and educating the population than anything else, seeing as how they’re one of the most influential legislative bodies in the world.

The job of promoting their values of dialogue, transparency, democracy, respect, diversity, dignity, freedom, equality and expression has fallen squarely on the shoulders of design. We’re curious to find out whom the multi-year, multi million Euro job will be awarded to and just how they plan on tackling this colossal undertaking. Creating effective design that will communicate all of these values is challenging enough, not to mention production and translation into 23 languages.

This is just another indication of how important good design is to the world in general. It will definitely be exciting to see what kind of graphic design, or web design, is produced in the next several years for this project. We’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what we’re sure will be spectacular design communicating these massively important messages.graphic design orange county

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