Every once in a while, something shows up and reveals itself as an unlikely piece of art. Some people have an uncanny knack for seeing art and design in everything; sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch, sometimes not as much, but this case is unique. Computing is an aspect of our daily life that’s hard to ignore and has given us the ability to look at life, sets of data especially, in ways that would have been impossible 50 years ago.

Taking large sets of data and making visual sense of them has always been challenging given that more traditional methods, like bar graphs, don’t make information in large quantities easy to swallow. That’s where computers have simplified, and arguably beautified the process.

Turning mountains of information into content that we can visualize has yielded what some would call true art. Seeing these images begs the question, was the artistic nature of these visualizations a happy accident, or did a clever mathematician with a sense of style or design give a computer a prime opportunity to create something beautiful from the mundane?

For us, being able to see art and design in everyday life where you wouldn’t expect it makes the daily grind more enjoyable. Your Orange County graphic designers like to think that by creating great pieces of design for our clients, we can show someone else the beauty that resides in the day-to-day tasks we all take for granted.web design orange countyweb design orange countywebsite design orange countyweb design orange countyweb design orange county

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