7 steps, 1 cool effect.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Begin with any vector logo in any version of Illustrator CS 1 through 6.

Step 2: Select “Extrude and Bevel” from the 3D option in the Effects menu. Apply the desired amount of extrusion, rotation, perspective, and shading if desired.

Step 3: Select “Expand Appearance” from the Object menu to flatten the logo.

Step 4: Select the depth portion of the logo and combine the shapes using the Pathfinder.

Step 5: Assign a gradient (your choice) for the fill of the logo.

Step 6: Assign the same gradient to the depth portion of the logo.

Step 7: Darken the color of the depth portion of the logo and the effect is finished!

Now you’ve got a logo that grabs viewer’s eyes and adds dimension to design! Your Orange County graphic design company has lots of fun ideas to help brand your business!

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