Everyone likes to make the most of their money, but recently, it’s been more important than ever. Advertising can be expensive, especially in media that reach vast numbers of people, but here are a couple of ways to get your message out without breaking the bank.

e-Newsletters- These are a great way to keep current, former, and potential clients in the loop when it comes to what your business is up to. e-Newsletters can give the company a more personal feel and help you reach out in a “non-sales pitch” way. They also act as a completely customizable outlet for your brand communication because it’s easy to spell out exactly what you want to say to your client base. e-Newsletters are a great way to relate personally to the people you already do business with and those you would like to start working with.

Email Blasts- Think of this concept as a postcard without the need for printing, postage, and mailing houses. e-Blasts can be sent out quickly to exactly the group that you’d like to target. They can range from simple announcements to promotions and everything in between. Infinitely customizable, e-Blasts are a great way to get your message in front of the people that matter, and do it quickly.

Each of these options are cost and time effective and can generate interest, buzz, and website traffic for you. However, creativity is key; without sharp, eye-catching design and a subject line that grabs the recipient’s attention, both can fall by the wayside. Appealing to the people you want to your message to reach is critical and the team at Urban Geko has the knowhow and expertise to make it happen. Our design and creative writing can help cut through the clutter, get your message heard, and start generating results. Now, more than ever, we’re committed to helping you stretch your dollar further and make the most out of corporate communications.

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