Search Engine Optimization

Tips for Writing an SEO Friendly Blog

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As a Los Angeles graphic company we handle a wide array of design projects that range from California graphic design to website design & development. A huge component of our website design involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which we implement for both our clients and our company. Writing a blog much like this one is an excellent way to improve your SEO on a daily basis. Silver Pistol’s book SEO Secret V2.1 provides extremely useful SEO friendly blogging information that I have happily summarized for you here: read more

Demystifying SEO

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Lots of acronyms get tossed around in almost every industry, and it’s especially true with web design. One that you may have heard of lately is “SEO”, but what exactly is it and why is it so important? read more

The Connection Between SEO And Web Design

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If you are engaged in the internet business then it is almost definite that you’ve heard about internet marketing. Today, this is a primary tool for promoting business – it is considered as the fastest and most effective ways of reaching customers. read more