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Leave Boring PowerPoint Presentations Behind

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powerpoint presentation orange county

Leave Boring PowerPoint Presentations Behind

Too many corporate businesses make the mistake of delivering PowerPoint presentations that are dry and dense, leaving their audience bored and confused. When it comes to presenting information in a way that sticks, the problem isn’t PowerPoint; it is the improper use of it.

When used properly, a PowerPoint presentation can be an incomparable method of communicating information to an audience. Through the utilization of visually appealing, clear, and concise slides, a PowerPoint can create a synergy among visual and textual information that is unmatched by any other form of communication.

Whether it’s internal communications or external sales presentations, we, at Urban Geko, will deliver a PowerPoint design to be an effective presentation piece that will engage the attention of the audience. We use creative imagery, such as photos and graphics, along with visually appealing text layouts to ensure that the right information is conveyed, in the best way possible for your audience.

Our PowerPoint Design Orange County professionals are here to help. Give us a call us today at 949-200-6910 or email us at [email protected] to discuss further.

powerpoint presentation orange county
powerpoint presentation orange county

How To Create An Awesome PowerPoint Presentation Deck

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powerpoint presentation deck

How To Create An Awesome PowerPoint Presentation

Tired of seeing the same old dry corporate decks at your company/sales meetings? Imagine how much more pleasant the experience would be if you had a powerful and engaging presentation? Think of how much more could be accomplished if the information was translated correctly on screen? Your audience would be more attentive and better able to comprehend the subject presented. The result is beneficial for all parties involved.

How do you create a powerful presentation you say? If you have the skills, creative ability and know-how then you could possibly pull this off. View our tips below to help inspire you to create an outstanding presentation.

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How to Find Your Perfect Tablet

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As a Los Angeles graphic design firm, our strong team of expert designers offers over fifteen years of combined experience. The Urban Geko studio consists not only of graphic artists, web developers, programmers and multimedia staff, but also animators and illustrators as well. Through our creative processes, we have found that sometimes the happy medium between utilizing the freedom of a pencil and paper versus the accuracy of a computer is using a tablet. The intuitive and ergonomic device is also much more eco-friendly than drawing through piles of paper; anything that can reduce our carbon footprint is definitely worth analyzing in the design profession. Here are some key factors you should consider when purchasing your very own perfect tablet: read more

Disney's World of Color Set to Premier Friday

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Working for an Orange County graphic design company, very few visual effects cease to amaze me. Our team of design professionals constantly refreshes their knowledge of the latest trends in the industry to provide you with timeless, effective pieces of work. However, Disneyland is the one exception that seems to stand out from the cornucopia of visual masterpieces I’ve seen over the years. read more

How to Create Your Own Stop-Motion Animation

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Ever wonder how movies like Coraline or the Fantastic Mr. Fox were created? How the beautifully designed characters and objects in the film seem to move on their own as if by magic? This is done through the use of one of the longest techniques in the history of film making: stop-motion animation. At Urban Geko, one of our areas of expertise happens to be multimedia design, which is why I would like to share with you this tutorial on how to make a stop-motion animation of your own. Let’s get started! read more

Simple, Easy Flash Tutorials

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Flash design can be a very powerful medium of expression for animations, websites, title sequences among a myriad of other dynamic projects. It allows for fluidity and motion that is often used by high profile firms that want to create a look for the 21st century. With such great flexibility the greatest challenge facing Flash designers is how to keep it under control in a way that still delivers effective and meaningful design. All the fireworks and revolving images are useless unless they have a purpose for being there. read more

How to Create a 51 Second Newsletter

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“As reported by the Nielsen Norman Group in its Email Newsletter Usability Report, the average reader skims a newsletter for 51 seconds.” – Smashing Magazine. Having to deal with users with such limited attention span, companies must design their newsletters in a way that sends their message out quickly and efficiently. We, at Urban Geko, often have to create e-blasts and newsletters for companies that send them out to very busy clients. In this case we must not only consider how we want their clients to feel and what information we want them to extract from it, but also how they can obtain that information quickly. Chui Chui Tan’s article Email Newsletter Design: Guidelines And Examples explains how to do exactly that.
Your website design company Orange County put together a quick list for your convenience: read more

Data Visualization Art

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Every once in a while, something shows up and reveals itself as an unlikely piece of art. Some people have an uncanny knack for seeing art and design in everything; sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch, sometimes not as much, but this case is unique. Computing is an aspect of our daily life that’s hard to ignore and has given us the ability to look at life, sets of data especially, in ways that would have been impossible 50 years ago.
Taking large sets of data and making visual sense of them has always been challenging given that more traditional methods, like bar graphs, don’t make information in large quantities easy to swallow. That’s where computers have simplified, and arguably beautified the process.
Turning mountains of information into content that we can visualize has yielded what some would call true art. Seeing these images begs the question, was the artistic nature of these visualizations a happy accident, or did a clever mathematician with a sense of style or design give a computer a prime opportunity to create something beautiful from the mundane? read more

What Are These Designers Doing In A Recording Studio?

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Definitely not singing. read more

How can you add animation to your site?

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One sure fire way to catch a reader’s attention is by using animation. Adding it to a webpage is fairly easy as long as you know how to work the software which are used to create it. At present, there are two most common ways you can add animation to your site – frame based animation and Flash. read more