Recommendation Engines: Reinforcing What We Already Like

Recommendation Engines: Reinforcing What We Already Like 150 150 adminxs

What type of music do you like? Punk, soft-rock, rap, pop, country? After answering this question think about how you were introduced to that genre of music in the first place. I love soft-rock and hip hop because it was presented to me by my friends and family. However, in an era where the internet has intertwined itself with the cultural web of our lives, recommendation engines are starting to tell us what we will like next. read more

2012 London Olympic Mascots: Couch Potatoes?

2012 London Olympic Mascots: Couch Potatoes? 150 150 adminxs

“This could only be the work of a committee; it screams CC’d creativity.” -A.A. Gill, columnist, on the newly unveiled 2012 London Olympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville (Time Magazine).
A.A. Gill goes on to critique the new mascots in her article Our couch potato Olympic mascots describing them as “evocations of the passive viewer, couch prone, one huge goggling eye, useless limbs.” Unfortunately, these mascots which were created to entice children to participate in the physical excellence, prowess and excitement of the games seem to be as poorly received as the logo was back in June 2007.

According to Gill, Wenlock was named after a town home to a unknown Englishman and Mandeville after a hospital for drunk ex-motorcyclists. Much like the logo they transform color as they adapt to their surroundings symbolizing the journey towards the Olympic games. According to the London 2012 Olympic site they are designed with specific features supposedly inspired by London’s taxicabs as well as elements from the games themselves.

They even have their own section of the official website which features a film introducing the duo. read more

Exploring the Getty Center's Urban Panoramas

Exploring the Getty Center's Urban Panoramas 150 150 adminxs

It was my third time riding the tram up to the J. Paul Getty Museum that overlooks the vast Los Angeles landscape. The rolling hills of the vineyard in the distance and the smoggy downtown skyline were warm reminders that I was visiting my favorite museum in all of Southern California. I stepped off the tram and ascended the Getty Center steps, only to be blinded by the clean white marble that surrounded me. In my eyes, the breathtaking architecture at the museum with its curving contours and monumental size is second only to the central garden that lies to the right of the West Pavillion. read more

Celebrate Earth Day 2010

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“If we do not permit the earth to produce beauty and joy, it will in the end not produce food, either.” -Joseph Wood Krutch. While we often think of the history of mankind in terms of human struggles, we often forget what the Earth itself has endured: deforestation, nuclear bombs, pollution, and the list goes on. This Saturday is our opportunity to take some time to appreciate the soil we live on by celebrating Earth Day 2010. As your Orange County graphic design company, we at Urban Geko encourage you to take part in the Earth Day festivities and give back a little to a planet that has provided us with so much. Check out these Earth Day activities: read more

Mycelium Mushrooms: The World's Next Environmental Superhero?

Mycelium Mushrooms: The World's Next Environmental Superhero? 150 150 adminxs

“[If] every organism had a right to vote, would we be voted on the planet or off the planet? I think that vote is occurring right now.” This riveting idea is the question Paul Stamets used to begin his TED talk entitled 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World. His lecture focuses on the properties of the extremely tenacious fungi, mycelium, which he deems “the soil magician.” As a California graphic design firm, Urban Geko is constantly discovering new ways to engage in ecologically friendly business practices in the field of design. In honor of Earth Day this coming Saturday April 17th, we would like to share with our readers inspiring environmental stories like Paul Stamets’. We do this in hopes that our eco-friendly examples will motivate you to do your part in “saving the world.” read more

Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage: A Perfect St. Patty's Day Meal

Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage: A Perfect St. Patty's Day Meal 150 150 adminxs

Top of the morning to ya! I’m not Irish, but at least on this 2010 St. Patrick’s Day I can enjoy delicious Irish cuisine. We, at Urban Geko, are passionate about website design, but we also have a delightful sense of humor and enjoy quality food. That’s why I’d like to share with you today one of my favorite St. Patrick Day recipes from the Food Network: Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage. Enjoy! read more

Alice in Wonderland: UG Movie Review

Alice in Wonderland: UG Movie Review 150 150 adminxs

This past weekend I ventured out to the movie theatre to watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. To be honest, when I first heard the story when I was a little girl I was a bit frightened; the smoking caterpillar and disappearing cat were characters I definitely did not want showing up in my own dreams. However, I was delighted to learn that Burton’s rendition of the film was actually a fusion betweenLewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
The movie briefly shows Alice as a young girl and then jumps forward to when she is a young adult being urged into an arranged marriage. The magic begins when she falls down the rabbit hole and revisits the Wonderland she knew- but has now forgotten- since she was little girl. Her objective is to overthrow the Red Queen who has destroyed the once vibrant land inhabited by the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), the White Queen (Anne Hathaway), Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Matt Lucas), the Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry) and of course the White Rabbit (Michael Sheen). read more

Logorama Wins Oscar for Best Short Animated Movie

Logorama Wins Oscar for Best Short Animated Movie 150 150 adminxs

This past Sunday Katherine Bigelow and Hurt Locker stole the 82nd Oscar show for their awards in the best director and best picture of the year category, but a short 17min film was what I was watching on youtube while they were giving their acceptance speeches. Logorama, written and directed by H5 (Francois Alaux, Hervé de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain), won the Oscar for Best Short Animated Movie. read more

A Nostalgic Captain EO Tribute Returns to Disneyland

A Nostalgic Captain EO Tribute Returns to Disneyland 150 150 adminxs

As the lights dimmed I put on my red & green 3-D glasses and grasped my Mom’s hand in anticipation. The moon-walking, gravity-defying, all out electrifying Michael Jackson lit up the screen with his bursts of positive energy that turned everyone around him into dancing rainbows. “It’s not real,” my Mom said laughing as I reached out to touch the small fuzzball that appeared to float inches from my face. I tried to grab it’s cute little tail as it flew back onto Michael’s shoulder. read more

Dear World, Send Us Your Portfolios. Love, The European Union

Dear World, Send Us Your Portfolios. Love, The European Union 150 150 adminxs

27 countries, 23 official languages and a mound of work the size of the Matterhorn. That’s basically the scope of work that the European Parliament has sent out to the design industry. They’re looking to hire a communications/design company to produce a wide range of public relations and marketing items over the next 4 or so years.
Just like any other entity, the EU needs to promote itself and it’s values. We presume that the EU is likely more interested in affecting public opinion and educating the population than anything else, seeing as how they’re one of the most influential legislative bodies in the world. read more