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TL Fab Website

TL Fab is a steel fabrication company that specializes in multi-unit and commercial steel fabrication. Their talented team is experienced in a range of metal fabrications and developing innovative solutions to design challenges.

Services sought from Urban Geko include design solutions from start to finish, including design and estimating services, project management, handling and installation.

Urban Geko, an Orange County web design company, was challenged with re-designing the TL Fab website to reflect the significant shift from primarily residential clients a different target audience of commercial clients.

Their first website was bland and dated and did not represent TL Fab – who they are or where they are planning to go. The website itself was uneditable as the functionality and images were terribly outdated. Muted colors did not stand out to get the kind of impression TL Fab needs. TL Fab came to Urban Geko, to turn their Internet marketing around.

Because of the shift in focus from residential to commercial, as well as the website’s outdated functionality, the new design had to bring in their new target customer. The new target audience sought commercial and multi-use clients who needed comprehensive steel fabrications for apartment buildings, office buildings, corporation, theme parks and schools.

Urban Geko provided a strong, new look to the site. The professional and uncomplicated design by the firm is easily navigated, and offers a clean and vibrant look. The opening page now engages the user and leads to product and project galleries, as well as sections “who we are” and others.

Selective use of white space and complimentary colors improve the ease of use for this customer.

The color blue was used in the new branding to showcase strength and trustworthiness, two qualities that represent TL Fab. The bold, heavy, sophisticated color highlights the stability in TL Fab’s commercial and drawing focus to the most essential elements: the commercial aspects.

The customer asked Urban Geko to ensure that the new design featured highlighted products and projects which could be added easily with new galleries. This was delivered easily through implementing a content management system.

The customer felt the design from the Los Angeles design firm was a home run, right out of the ballpark for their new focus.

With the use of colors, layout, and easy-to-use navigation, the fresh new look shows who TL FAB is to their target customers.

TL FAB knows that the fresh, up-to-date website puts them a step ahead of their competition. The addition of the gallery allows TL Fab to highlight their work, excel, and use as a marketing tool for potential clients.

Peg Berens Interior Design Website

Peg Berens is an award-winning, certified interior designer who uses usual materials in unexpected ways and rare materials in predictable ways.

For example, she used tree branches as a closet door, offering observers “WOW” factor.

Urban Geko set out to create a site that demonstrated how the Peg Berens brand is Peg Berens herself- loving, hard-working, personable and passionate about her work.

The client felt her current web-site was antiquated and dark, expected and routine, and utterly not representing whom she is as a designer.

Berens’ target market is homeowners who want their domicile to represent their personality.

Urban Geko, a firm focusing on website design, re-branded Peg Berens, starting with her logo, her business stationary, presentation book, and ultimately the website. Urban Geko’s design provided a clean and innovative new look that grabbed the user’s attention and directly engaged the user about the unusual and creative Berens as a designer.

With the custom grid style layout, the site has a light and airy ambiance. Rather than bogged down in a traditional milieu, users feel refreshed and excited about checking out other sections of the site, including the project gallery and blog. For the client’s convenience, a highly practical content management system was set up.

The new site is easy to use and incorporates a gallery to showcase her work. The website is a selling tool not only for Berens’ work but for Berens herself, as much her own personality is reflected in her unusual work.

Peg wanted users to look at her design, understand that she uses ordinary materials in transformative ways, and have an “Ah Ha” moment, “That’s a Peg Berens look!”

A bright turquoise color, toned down with the use of appropriate white space, draws the user in to the unusual layout immediately. The fine attention to the customer’s needs is a hallmark of Urban Geko’s Orange county E-commerce website design team.

Peg says the new website fits her own design style—fun yet professional. The website is engaging and informational.

The new style totally allows her to showcase her work with the new gallery.

WJB Group Website

WJB Group is the parent company of several other smaller companies, and focuses on machine tool and precision bearings for the automotive, truck, after market, renewable energy and industrial markets.

WJB Group approached Urban Geko in need of a website for their WJB Group parent company. At that point there was no website for the WJB parent company, only the WJB Bearings and WJB Automotive. They wanted a site that kept their existing company branding consistent as a whole, while still distinguishing them apart as a parent company.

They sought a website that was modern and less industrial than their current sites, with users able to easily navigate and know who they are.

Their target audience included companies with a use for a large volume of bearings, such as car and truck companies, industrial tractors, renewable energy like wind farms, and heavy duty semi-trucks

WJB Group wanted to keep consistent with the sub companies branding, however give it a more modern look and feel.

Urban Geko’s website design Irvine team provided a clean professional layout, one that is easy for users to follow while hitting their specific target audience. A new interactive homepage banner along with a news section was designed, consistent with the re-branding throughout all pages.

WJB Group has an expanding assortment of automotive products; all content is logically organized for easy and effective navigation. A drop-down menu style was selected to display all products and respective product categories.

WJB group was delighted with the finished product which incorporated colors of their existing brands, but with a more professional look.

Easy navigation and use of images throughout the website help users visualize WJB’s products and services.

The large interactive homepage banner highlighted the four main industries served.

Tangut USA Website

Tangut develops innovative health supplements for those looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Tangut incorporates the strongest natural ingredients with the latest science to support the purest organic source in the world.

Tangut came to Urban Geko to design and implement a website for their US division. With a successful brand already in place in Hong Kong, the company wanted to target to customers within the US. They felt there was no better time than now for US expansion, and desired an e-commerce website that featured easy navigation and focused on the US health-conscious consumer.

Tangut wanted to retain some elements in the Asian brand, but characterize the US as a distinct marketplace.

Urban Geko, kept Tangut’s brands consistent between the Asian and American markets, yet made the US website just enough different that it was remarkable and distinguished for American taste.

A simple page layout style paired with blue, orange and earth tones gives eco-friendly and contemporary feel to the design. A JavaScript animation showcasing their best selling products rotates through the home page. Minimal text accompanied by the focus on the gallery of images enhances the overall look of the website. YouTube videos are embedded and a viable content management system added.

The final e-commerce site features greater product detail and an easy-to-use check out process, all developed by Urban Geko’s Irvine Ecommerce website design team.

Tangut loved the website which exceeded their expectations. The brand consistency, focus on the US market, easy guidance for users and seamless checkout, as well as the inviting colors, all showcase a great deal of information displayed in a clean manner.

Ambe Cosmetics Website

Ambe is a high-end skin care line that helps reduce the appearance of aging. Ambe sought an impressive home page for their website that drew in users via images. This website targets women who truly want to slow down and reduce the signs of aging without plastic surgery.

Ambe wanted an easy-to-use e-commerce site that showcased their sophisticated skin care products as well as differentiate it from the plethora of standard products in the US marketplace. One of the things that attracted Ambe to Urban Geko was its experience as a design firm.

Ambe reports that although their products do not require a prescription, they are designed using effective formulations that work just as well as a prescription product.

Ambe wanted their old website overhauled in style, color, look and feel to engage new users with dazzling and stylish graphics, reflected the upscale brand quality.

Urban Geko, provided a stylish homepage that showcases the range of products and highlights testimonials from celebrities and typical customers. The site also features an in-depth press room and looks as polished as any top magazine site.

With its e-commerce focus, the site features easy-to-use navigation, embedded YouTube videos, a blog, and e-commerce. Urban Geko’s website design orange county team developed a “quick view option” within the extensive product detailing.

The product page also allowed users to Stop by Category, depending on their specific needs and interests. A media page offers celebrity endorsements, which always drive any product.

The Ambe website also features a seamless, customer-friendly check-out system and social media share buttons for those users who want to “tell the world.” The client enjoys an easy-to-use content management system, with easy image positioning. This makes updating content and images a breeze.

Ambe loved Urban Geko’s work because it clearly focused on their excellent, upscale products in an informational way. Colors and layout clearly demonstrate the quality, while “quick view” allows snapshots on the product detail.

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