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Pinterest to Grow Your Brand by Web Design Orange County Firm

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5 Reasons To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Brand

There are many different techniques that can be used to increase brand awareness while promoting products. The key to growing any brand is to find the right combination of promotional strategies that deliver great results. However, there is one powerful marketing tool that nearly any company can use to attract new customers while promoting products: Pinterest.

Statistics indicate that visual images are one of the most effective ways to draw attention, especially online. This means that companies can take advantage of social media and digital advertising to increase brand awareness. “In fact, people who are browsing online are 40% more likely to pay attention to a captivating image than to a block of text,” says web design Orange County guru Lisa. This is where Pinterest comes in. Compared to some other major social media sites, Pinterest is easier to use and provides quick browsing. Users can simply scan through dozens of images until they see something that seems interesting or something that they might like to buy. This is faster and more intuitive. This makes Pinterest ideal for businesses that are trying to get their products in front of potential customers to create interest. Even companies that don’t have a large social media presence can make Pinterest a valuable addition to their brand promotion strategy. Look at the following list for a few great reasons to use Pinterest to promote and grow your brand.

1. It’s Easy To Share

People interact on social media in several different ways. They can send each other messages and leave comments about different products and brands. This is very useful for brand promotion and growth but it may not be the most effective method. Sharing takes things to a whole new level. With a simple share on Pinterest, one user can introduce a brand or a product to thousands of new users. In just a few seconds, all of these new users can immediately develop an interest in this brand. Shares are truly powerful!

Pinterest has recently become the third most popular sharing platform after Twitter and Facebook. Users love this platform because it only takes a click to introduce all of their friends to a new, exciting image. This is great news for business owners because users can generate a new level of excitement in a relatively short time. Simply put, Pinterest users love to share. A brand that understands this fact can quickly become the next big sensation.

2. The Users Are Active

The average Pinterest user can spend hours on the website each month. The simple and streamlined web design makes it easy for new users to browse through dozens of images until they find something that they like. The web design Orange County design team at Urban Geko believes that’s one of the reasons that Pinterest is so popular: it’s easy to use and it’s fun to find exciting new images. Pinterest users enjoy the site because it rewards their searches with new and interesting content. It’s also cleverly designed with a layout that is straightforward and easy to understand. This allows users to browse the site as if it were a game, exploring new areas and discovering fresh posts. In other words, the site is highly addictive! This is great news for brand promoters who want to be part of this trend.

3. It’s Easy To Use

Pinterest is very straightforward. Users simply find images that they like and then pin them to share them with friends and online acquaintances. They don’t even have to be on the website to pin new images. With a browser add-on, users can pin images from any website without logging onto Pinterest. This allows users to repost and share images quickly and easily, no matter where they are browsing. Users enjoy how easy it is to share new images and also repost their friends’ images. Pinterest makes it simple for users to expand their circle of friends by focusing on the easy delivery of great image content.

4. Automatic Promotion

Anyone who tries to promote a brand online knows the importance of SEO. “Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of brand growth. This practice allows users to find your site when they use search engines,” comments web design Orange County designer Adam. Unlike most social media sites, Pinterest verifies links for search engines like Google and Bing. This means that when users repost links by pinning images, those posts can actually drive up a site in search engine results. It’s a form of automatic promotion that isn’t available on most other social media sites.

5. User Engagement

Just as Pinterest users love the website, they also love engaging with the brands that they are most interested in. For example, many people will post pictures or videos of them using or reviewing a new product that they are passionate about. This is a combination of free advertising and brand promotion that is user-generated. Other users may feel that user-generated content is more relatable and personal than brand-generated content. Also, when users see this kind of content, they may be inspired to do something similar by making their own posts about a product. This is a really valuable type of crowdsourcing. When brands can experience organic, user-generated excitement about their products, they can expect a big boost in their brand recognition and popularity. When brands take steps to increase their visibility, they can expect some amount of success. However, when brands engage directly with customers, they might be amazed at the amount of promotion that customers will provide them for free. It’s also a great way to develop brand loyalty by showing users that a brand takes the time to interact directly with the people that they are trying to reach.

At the end of the day, social media is all about sharing. Sharing experiences, stories and ideas is one of the things that makes social media so engaging and exciting. When you’re trying to grow your brand, remember to share with the people you’re trying to reach. Don’t just expect them to interact with your products or promotions, reach out to them and involve them in your social media circles. Taking the time to communicate with users on Pinterest is the best way to increase brand visibility and develop a great reputation.

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