Best Advertisements of All Time

orange county best advertisement campaigns of all time

Best Advertisements of All Time

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Eye-Catching Advertisements That Make You Look Twice

It’s no secret; every business owner wants their company to be profitable. Having a unique marketing campaign can help propel this. That’s where our graphic design orange county california company Urban Geko steps in. We create unique designs that make heads turn.

As the saying goes, “There is no second chance at making a great first impression”. Any advertisements, whether online or offline, must catch your attention within seconds of viewing them otherwise they are considered useless. Unfortunately large corporations and agencies these days have strayed away from the “cool factor” in their marketing campaigns. Instead, they have geared their advertisements towards standing out from the crowd, delivering an ad that makes you laugh, and having ads that are out-of-the-box. While these things are great marketing techniques, adding the “cool factor” to them makes them that much more valuable and worthy of attention.

Here is some of our favorite advertisements of all time, that make you look twice.

1. 3M Security Glass

2. Eurostar Advertisement

3. Post Office Bus Shelter

4. Australia Post Office Bus Shelter

5. Fedex Truck Advertisement

6. Save The Trees Campaign

7. Alberta Museum Billboard Ad

8. WWF Poster Advertisement

9. Duracell Batteries Metro Station Billboard Ad

10. Denver Water Park Bench

Contact us today and our graphic design Orange County team will put together an eye-catching marketing campaign that will “Wow” your audience. We specialize in branding across multiple platforms; from print materials to PowerPoint Presentations, from an online digital campaigns to unique web design developments.