At Urban Geko, we like to think that we can see good design in everything. All the way from Nola, Italy, is a perfect example of fantastic design and ingenious execution. Constructed near Mt. Vesuvius, the Vulcano Buono, or “good volcano”, is a multi-purpose commercial center that exemplifies cutting-edge 21st century design.

Inspired by the very landscape it now inhabits, its architecture blends seamlessly with its surroundings and stands as a testament to thoughtful, contemporary design techniques working together to create a modern meeting and marketplace.

Distinctly European, the design works extremely well where it has been constructed. With the obvious local geography and history in mind, this new building caries meaning for all those who visit it and live nearby. Would such a building or architectural undertaking work as well in the U.S.? Are there regions of the country that lend themselves to such creative architectural design for public consumption? If so, would Americans appreciate this type of design?

We certainly appreciate it and find it inspiring to see that designers around the world are continuing to push boundaries with their art and give other artists something to think about.

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