Ev Williams steps down as CEO of Twitter.

Before I begin this post I must highlight my twitteriffic title above that is exactly 140 characters. Twitter’s latest news, written by the CEO, however far exceeds the popular micro-blogging site’s limit.

In a Twitter blog posted today by CEO, Ev Williams, he announced his decision to ask Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer, Dick Costolo to succeed him. This announcement comes after two years in which the company has seen an exponential amount of growth: the number of employees has grown from 20 to 300; the number of tweets has grown from 1.25 million to 90 million per day; and the cultural impact it has made on society is nearly immeasurable.

Williams’ decision to focus primarily on product strategy, comes after his push for Twitter’s latest user interface design (something our Orange County Web Design studio has not yet experienced on our own Twitter page yet!) The new layout features a stronger hierarchical structure through the use of typography, a golden rule proportional layout (that has been adopted previously by famous products such as the ipod) and better use of white space and the grid. All of these elements culminate into a more satisfying user experience which is exactly what effective design is all about.

This news comes ironically in the midst of a movie release about Twitter’s social media counterpart, Facebook. In The Social Network, it portrays the perilous journey Facebook’s CEO took to expand the social media empire- a storyline that starkly contrasts Twitter’s CEO real life admirable, quiet resignation. Despite each sites history, both continue play a integral role in shaping the way  human interaction takes place in the 21st century.

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